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About Retinue: A Bold Campaign

The intense experience of battles, siege and treachery continues in this third and final book in the RETINUE trilogy.


It is 1415 and King Henry is focussed on the invasion of France. Thousands of men-at-arms and longbowmen fill the Cinque Ports in anticipation.


The French though have their own plans. Deceit and bloodshed follow as the French ready their army to thwart the English. The treachery at Southampton and stubborn resistance at Harfleur is only the start of this deadly campaign.


Rowan, now a veteran, finds himself embroiled in the vicious campaign and the French manoeuvrings that threatens to destroy King Henry and bring England to its knees.


Praise for the third book of the RETINUE series:


"If you like medieval battle you will love this."





About Retinue: A Bloodied Kingdom

This second book of the series is just as action-packed and intense as the first.


Once again it follows Rowan, now esquire to Sir Robert de Ferrer as he and his friends are caught in the ongoing and bloody conflict of the Welsh rebellion in 1404. Only this time the French have also landed on English soil.


Many lands are now in the hands of the Welsh commander, Owain Glyn Dwr. The English garrisons are surrounded, among them are the besieged strongholds of Criccieth and Harlech. It is here the bloodshed begins and the Franco-Welsh force begin their march towards English soil.


Praise for the second book of the RETINUE series:


"The clash of steel is everywhere in this novel that brings key facts of the time into a furious storyline"





About Retinue: Defence of a Kingdom

The first in the Retinue series. It is a fast paced read which will capture the reader’s enthusiasm for medieval conflict and pride in the men who used the longbow at a crucial period of domestic history


It is an historical novel set in medieval England and the Welsh Marches. The story takes place in 1403 and follows Rowan, a young English longbowman, who is called up as part of the Earl of Stafford’s retinue to experience his first taste of pitched battles and castle siege in the rebellious years preceding Agincourt.


The story is set against the backdrop of the Welsh rebellion led by Owain Glendwr and ends with the pivotal battle of Shrewsbury between Sir ‘Hotspur’ Percy, leader of the English rebellion, and King Henry. It is a time that could have led to a different outcome for the throne and altered the course of the historical events which followed.


Praise for the first book of the RETINUE series:


"A from the trenches perspective of the middle ages"



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