It's always going to be hard writing and publishing you're own book but the end result is always worth it.
Here are some of Graham's tips:
General Advice
Be committed and passionate: Writing a book takes time. A book can often take years of research, drafting, re-drafting and editing.
Have a clear storyline: Plan your chapters. This is not to say that as you are writing your story may throw up some unforseen opportunities but an outline does help.
Get buy in from family: Understanding is crucial. Writing a book not only means you will spend time completing it, you will also talk about it, sometimes relentlessly.
Independent Proofing is Best: If you can, get someone else to proof your near final book. If you do it yourself you will no doubt keep changing words.
Publishing Yourself
You dont have to go through established self-publishing companies. If you want to self-publish on your own you need to:
Create a Publishing Company: Set it up as a sole trader. You can be full time employed and a sole trader at the same time. You can also apply for tax exemption depending upon your anticipated income.
Create an ISBN: You need to have a publishers name to apply for this. However the form is simple.
Locate a printer: Use the internet. They will generally provide you with a bespoke quote based on quantities and pages. Printers will also often be able to transfer your ISBN number into a barcode.
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